About Us

About Us

Everything in our life is about connections, starting with the neural pathways in our brain. The connection between our mind and body, with the people in our life, our community, our history, ours and others’ cultures, nature, and spirituality.

Any disruption or damage happening at any level of those connections can bring pain into our lives. Sometimes we find a way to move forward and sometimes we get stuck and suffer from lasting symptoms. If you cannot find your path towards healing, then this is exactly where you need to be.

At Neuroconnection Counseling, our mission is to help you:

  • heal from pain and trauma
  • grieve the losses you have experienced
  • develop effective skills to manage emotions
  • grow into your full potential.

We are a practice that specializes in trauma care. We offer an integrative approach, with an emphasis on techniques that tap into your brain’s innate capacity for healing, such as EMDR and Brainspotting.
We believe in creating a safe place for you to heal, that supports your dignity and uniqueness, and allows you to explore and grow at your own pace.

We are glad to provide you with a genuine, caring connection based on over 14 years of clinical experience in this field.

Please, take a moment to explore the profile of our primary counselor and the services we provide.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to start a rich and meaningful journey towards healing.