Dr. David Grand developed Brainspotting in the early two-thousands. Brainspotting shares commonalities with EMDR: it uses bilateral stimulation and tap into your brain’s innate ability to process through and resolve traumatic memories.

With Brainspotting, we use the position of your eyes in your field of vision to narrow down, so to speak, where the traumatic memory is stored in your brain. We then use bilateral sound stimulation to facilitate your brain’s process.

Brainspotting is as effective as EMDR in treating traumas, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, grief, chronic illness, medical issues, pain, and addiction. The process is often more contained, and people are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

We also use Brainspotting to help talented people, such as artists and athletes, increase their performances. That process involves two steps: working through blockages, then strengthen abilities.

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